Welcome to Wells and Mendip Astronomers:

Wells and Mendip Astronomers was founded in 2013 and organises events throughout Somerset to engage The General Public with The Night - Sky.

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Image Credit: Josh Dury

Copyright © Josh Dury (2018)

The Nightly Observer:

The Nightly Observer is The Wells and Mendip Astronomers Magazine that is released on a quarterly basis - every three-months. 

The magazine celebrates what we do as an Astronomy Group and includes columns written by fellow members, to the highlights of the night - sky.

Current Edition: July 2018.

Equipment for Sale

We now have an page to advertise equipment for sale.  Please contact the webmaster to arrange a new listing.

Visions of Space 2


Click here for some photographs from our recent Visions of Space 2 exhibition in Wells.

See the Guardian's article on David A. Hardy's work, click here.

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