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We hope you all enjoyed the Members Christmas Party!

There was plenty of food for everyone and despite the complete cloud cover we had in the day we had a long period of time where we had a fantastic view of the clear sky. We definitely made good use of the 18.25" 'scope!

Friday 11th November 2016


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Photo: Peter Richardson

WMA members talk about their exciting range of interests and projects, from astrophotography, spectroscopy and exoplanet research to studying with the OU, stone circles, running school workshops and Spacefest

Venue: Ashwick & Oakhill Village Hall

Zion Hill, Oakhill, Somerset BA3 5AN

Members - free entry

Guests and public welcome - £3   Couple/family £5    Students £2



1st October 2016

1) 'Lift Off' - Wells Public Library
2) Film 'The Last Man on the Moon'

8th October 2016

3) Oakhill Star Party


Eugene Cernan, Apollo 17 Commander (Photo: NASA)

The WMA Planet Poem Competition

A huge thank you to everyone who entered and to the committee for helping to find a winner. It was a very close call but here is the winning poem, by Steve Dyer.

Earths Mission


Recent WMA News:

Jo Richardson who is the Event Co-ordinator for WMA and the owner of Space Detectives has recently been selected to become a NationalSTEM Space Ambassador for the South West of the UK. This means that alongside he normal work as a Space Detective in various schools, she is also supporting the Tim Peake Primary Project on behalf of ESERO, The European Space Agency and the UK Space Agency. This is an amazing opportunity for her and her business, and she is certainly busy, following Tim's successful mission. We wish her continued luck in getting that Space Education message out to children and adults alike!!

WMA aims

The Wells and Mendip Astronomers group was set up in early 2013 to enable local astronomy and space enthusiasts to enjoy, share and develop their interests and skills. We also aim to increase public awareness at this very important time for space science and exploration, through our programme of public events, talks and star parties.

Whatever your level, beginner or experienced observer, come and join us. Space is for everybody!

 "When I first saw the moons of Jupiter, as did Galileo, it amazed me!"

Or as one of our young members recently said


Clear skies!


For more information on our astronomical and space art exhibition, "Visions of Space" please click here.

See 'The Guardian' article on David A. Hardy's work here.

WMA Members meet Chris Hadfield - A genuine

WMA members Meet Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut, in Bath

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