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 I'm home!!
I really loved my first semester in Leicester but it's good to be back.

Yesterday afternoon I met Josh when he finished work and we went to Bath together. We were lucky to park at the park and ride because it was VERY busy.

While we were in Bath we went to the Herschel Museum of Astronomy and also had a look around the lovely Christmas markets they have there each year.

At the time it was raining, although not that much but there was complete cloud cover. The weather was doing what the forecast said it would, we just hoped it would continue doing so as that would mean a brilliant clear sky in the evening.

We left Bath at about 16:45 to give ourselves a good amount of time to get to Charterhouse. On the way back we popped into Josh's and had a quick cup of tea before heading off again.

As we came towards Charterhouse we realised the car in front was Chris so we knew we were in the right place. It's been quite a while since I went last, and this was the first time for Josh.

People started arriving all at about the same time, and with plenty of food with them as well! There was no way we would get through it all.

As predicted the clouds disappeared at about 20:00 giving us fantastic views of the sky using the 18.25" and telescopes which had been brought along. Everyone got to have a look which was great seeing as the 'scope hadn't been used for many months.

I didn't take any pictures while I was in the dome because unless the flash was on you wouldn't see anything in the picture, but I did take some pictures while we were in the main building.
Lilli in Leicester PowerPoint