We need to expand folks' personal connections with space exploration and science, so we get the sustained support needed to get out into deep space with explorers.

The closer we can bring that experience, the better our future is.’

Tom Jones, NASA astronaut and planetary scientist





With the space industry the fastest growing sector of the UK economy, and with so many new developments in manned and unmanned space exploration, whether for science or commercial reasons, these are exciting times! Private companies are launching their own cargo ships to space now, and this year should see the first sub-orbital tourist flights. There is a growing interest in astronomy and space technology, and the goal of the Wells and Mendip Astronomers to inform the wider public, as well as providing unique opportunities for its members, was emphasised at their recent Annual General Meeting .

The WMA has grown rapidly, drawing members from across the whole of Somerset/North Somerset, and is also working on regional events with other groups, like the National Trust and other societies in the south-west. Including enthusiasts of all ages, beginners, seasoned astronomers, astrophotographers, science educators and writers, the group welcomes the public at its future events.

Clear skies!