Members Pages

We are about to experiment with members own pages.

Members Page operating 'rules' - (provisional)

No clear procedure yet just me trying to encourage members to get involved in astronomical matters!

House rules – hopefully astronomically related and of interest to other members, not commercial, webmaster (Dick, but in the last analysis the ‘committee’ ) have right to veto or remove, respect privacy of members, respect copyright etc.

Upload procedure – You will be allocated a home page and could generate pages beneath that. The idea is that on the current Members Area page there would be links to members ‘top’ pages and you would be provided with the initial version of the top page (editable by you and only you and the web administrator) to get you going.

It is intended that the pages will be open to public read only access, to help 'spread the word' and encourage new members. Please discuss with Dick if you wish to restrict access to members for certain areas. Pages only become visible to the general public after you approve and publish any changes. All past versions are maintained and you can roll back to earlier versions.

Page formats are one of the following:-   


The pages would be based on a system template so would have some generic stuff in them and we would prefer to keep a consistent look and feel. You should retain the system css formating, which is the default. The navigation menu would display any of your pages and a link back to the  ‘Home’ or maybe the ‘Members Area’ page

There is no limit to the number of pages (or images) but you would need to clearly name them and how they are ‘structurally’ linked.

We are using Concrete5 as a content management system (CMS) and you may wish to look into that, it is like Wordpress. You would be operating in a Concrete5 editing mode and you do not have to learn any HTML 'programming', unless you want to. We hope, shortly, to have a short 'training session' at one of the meetings.

Dick -