There will be a public meeting giving an introduction to astronomy and the Wells & Mendip Astronomers on the evening of 20th June 2013.

The meeting is free entry and there will be refreshments. Space is limited - so book early. Complete novices and those with some observation experience are all welcome

The meeting is not for current members (space limited) but do ask anyone who might be interested to come along.

Booking is via the library and details are here.

Below are recent samples of astrophotographs taken by Wells & Mendip Astronomers members that will be present at the meeting to give short presentations. Why not come along and meet them - see more of their work and equipment and have a chat.


 Comet PanSTARRS composite 3rd June 2013 Image: Hugh Allen (WMA Member)

Hugh has joined together two images of the recent comet PanSTARRS. The left image is with the background stars fixed. The right image follows the comet for a short while and the stars appear to move as the earth rotates about its N-S axis; the stars rotate around the pole star. This enables more time to collect light from the comet and therefore have a better image.





The two images above were taken recently by Pete & Jo at the observatory built in their garden shed near Weston. These images are some of the best quality images taken by UK amateur astrophotographers and cost a lot less than the Hubble space telescope pictures! They show what is possible.