South West Astro Fair - Report

Chris and Adrian had a wonderful day at Sidmouth manning the WMA stand in the main marquee, talking about our group with visitors to the event and meeting fellow astronomers from all over the south-west. Adrian also had a display board for Stars Over Somerset/ Charterhouse Observatory, the telescopes and dome of which he has been restoring, and he demonstrated his own new Meade telescope set-up to a number of equipment enthusiasts. Chris was also representing the British Interplanetary Society (BIS) South West group, promoting their October events in Bath for World Space Week.

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Photos (l-r): Chris & Adrian;  Ron;  Pete, Alex & Jo;  Event Speakers - Paul Abel (Uranus), Damian Peach (Astrophotography) & Nick Howes (Comets)   Images: Chris Starr

Other WMA members at the Fair included Jo and Pete Richardson and their son Alex, CADAS Chairman Ron Westmaas, and Charles and Maggie Daniell, who had their MC2 Telescope Shop stand in the marquee.

There were plenty of activities to occupy enthusiasts, including visits to the observatory domes, lots of equipment to look at, a young astronomers' radio meteor detection project, and some excellent lectures by the visiting speakers, notably Nick Howes' exciting talk on comets. Nick will be talking to the WMA on this subject on 8th November at Wells & Mendip Museum.

Next year we hope to see more WMA members at Sidmouth for this excellent event. In the meantime, the Norman Lockyer Observatory is well worth a visit. Check their website for activities.

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Astronomy Fair 2013 at Norman Lockyer Observatory, Sidmouth, Devon, August 10th

The Norman Lockyer Observatory will be holding their annual fair not too far from here. It looks like a great event and one of Chris's  friends - Nick Howes - will be speaking on comets. He did a talk on comets and chaired two panels at Spacefest, so is well qualified. A good occasion to get aquainted with the range of facilities available at the observatory. 

You need to book places yourself asap. However there is the posibility of sharing transport - if you are interested in doing this send a brief e-mail to Chris on .

Norman Locker Observatory