NASA Webcast on Mars

Hitting the Road on Mars - From the 2004 Mars Exploration Rovers to MSL: Curiosity
A webcast lecture by Z. Nagin Cox, NASA
Tuesday 16th April 2013 at 11:15am (10:15 GMT)
As part of a UK tour, the above lecture will be presented by NASA Engineer, Z. Nagin Cox ( in the Open University’s (OU) Berrill Lecture Theatre.
The lecture will be webcast from the following and interested OU students are invited to watch the webcast online. There will also be an opportunity to submit questions via e-mail for the speaker, during the event.
To watch this and other events on the Berrill site requires that QuickTime 7 or above is installed. If you are unsure whether you have this installed, you can play one of the public events already on the site at
If this works OK, then you should have no problems watching the live event. A recording of the live event will also be available after the lecture.
Keith Cattell