Geminid Meteor Shower & Winter Sky

Charterhouse Observatory

Saturday 13th Dec 2013

19:00 to late


Charterhouse Images courtesy of Stars Over Somerset

There will be a short introductory talk on meteors from our Chairman Chris, then Ben, our Junior Section Leader, will talk about and demonstrate radio detection of meteors. It is the peak of the Geminid meteor shower - so there should be lots to see. As the moon is fairly bright radio detection will guarantee we spot something, even through clouds!

We will also be observing the winter sky and Jupiter using the excellent facilities at the Charterhouse observatory. Please bring along your own equipment as well and there is an ideal viewing area next to the observatory, which is located well away from the 'Bristol aurora'. The Moon will be dominant, too, so we can perhaps try some simple imaging - bring along your lunar brightness filters if you have them!

Charterhouse hosts an enormous 18.25" Fullerscope Newtonian reflector telescope and is one of the largest instruments available to groups in the South West. Access has been facilitated by "Stars over Somerset", who offer a variety of astronomically related courses. Details may be found on their web site at


Members - free
Guests - £3
Students - £2
Families/Joint  - £5

Tea/Coffee available (50p)

Parking available.

Start at 7:00 in the classroom at the back of the site.


Charterhouse Observatory Location