Visions of Space 2

Below are some photographs from our recent Visions of Space 2 exhibition in Wells.

VofS2-DaveHardytalk[18] reduced(1).jpg

Visions of Space 2 Preview Night: l-r. Stephen Salmon (BIS Marketing); Keith Wright (BIS Technical Committee & Southwest Coordinator); artist Bob Parkinson MBE (former BIS President); Gill Norman (BIS Secretary); artist Nick Stevens (IAAA Board Member); Mark Hempsell (BIS President); Chris Starr (Wells & Mendip Astronomers/BIS Southwest); artist David A. Hardy (FBIS & IAAA European Vice-President); The Mayor of Wells, Councillor John North; Mrs. Gail North; Joanne Richardson (Space Detectives/Wells & Mendip Astronomers); Mat Irvine (FBIS, BBC TV); artist Jackie Burns (IAAA). Photo courtesy of Mat Irvine.

Jo & Pete Richardson Astrophotography

Jo & Pete Richardson have produced some quite amazing astro-photographs. To learn a bit more about them and to see their images in more detail click here.

Jupiter_30.11.12.jpg                 M42_M43__NGC1977.jpg                Saturn_05.03.13_v4.jpg

Member Images

Comet_PanSTARRS_Ron_Westmaas.jpgComet PanSTARRS Ron Westmaas

Comet_PanSTARRS_composite_3rd_June_2013_hugh_allen.pngComet PanSTARRS (Composite) Hugh Allen

Hyakutake_Plough_96_03_Chris_Starr.jpgComet Hyakutake / Ursa Major Chris Starr