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Skywatcher 200P Telescope with Mount

Includes 24mm and 14mm eyepieces, tripod and extra RA motorised drive.  £550
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Coronado PST Hα Telescope

Includes eyepiece.  £850
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Celestron 4SE Motorised Telescope

Includes 24mm eyepiece, box and tripod.  £360
Contact: Tel: 01761 221840 Email:

3 Metre Fibreglass Dome

Fits a flat roof constructed building.

Dimensions: 3050mm inside diameter outer wooden rail track, 2900mm inside diameter inner wooden rail track, 1650mm inside dome height, 910mm wide vertically split full height doors which operate on top and bottom horizontal rails.

Dome comes with electric motor 24 volts 15 amps (motor type: Electric Motor Development serial number 0803013775). Dome comes with dome brake. The dome rotates on twelve number cast iron roller housings with horizontal and vertical nylon guide rollers. Dome comes complete with fixings. Due to site restrictions dome has been split into its component parts with all fittings labelled and bagged.

Selling due to water damage on inner and outer rails. This has occurred due to the flat roof of the observatory weatherproofing issues. We need to sell the dome to ease funds to replace flat roof.

Price £750 or near offer.

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Skywatcher 127 Synscan AZ Telescope with GoTo

It has all the original lenses, tripod and power supply as well as a Star Sharp sun finder.  Price on request.
Contact: Tel: 07974 750048